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Yellow Church Door
Yellow Church Door April 14, 2004
Churches can be such dull, colourless buildings - even with the stained glass - often tainted by a layer of grime. Nice to see this one with some injected colour.

Location - Whitby, N. Yorkshire

Comments (2):

Tom spoke on Thursday 15th 2004f April 2004 at 07:20 AM, saying:

I agree, I like that the church has a splash of colour.

I also like the contrast between the bricks and metal with the colour of the door. My only two wishes are that I would get to see the top of the door as well as on my screen the door looks a bit over exposed as the lines in the door are almost washed out.

Sandra Rocha spoke on Friday 16th 2004f April 2004 at 07:12 PM, saying:

lol you're right, not a very common door color but sure works perfectly in you shot!
love the way the beautiful iron leaves contrast with the painted wood :-)

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