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Flower Friday #12 [Macro]
Flower Friday #12 [Macro] May 21, 2004
Today's Photo Friday is 'Macro' so I thought I'd combine it with my own Flower Friday.

There's also an amusing tale of caution attached to this shot. Notice how it's obviously a bright day but it also appears to have rained. Not so. I used a trick I had read about, whereby you use an old Fabreze type spray bottle to achieve this effect. Fill it with water and make sure the nozzle is on its fine setting. You then get a mist of water that, when sprayed from a distance, creates the above effect.

What I forgot to do was clean the bottle out properly first. A day later and this wonderful flower (as featured in last week's FF) was wilting toward death. As was a clematis bush, some pansies and a number of the exotic flowers in the same bunch as this one. Woops.

Comments (5):

Sandra Rocha spoke on Friday 21st 2004f May 2004 at 05:56 PM, saying:

lol oops indeed :-D
a beautiful effect tho, great capture :-)

Robin spoke on Friday 21st 2004f May 2004 at 06:07 PM, saying:

Sorry to hear about the plant, but the results in this photo are gorgeous.

Jake spoke on Friday 21st 2004f May 2004 at 08:56 PM, saying:

Thanks guys. I guess it was worth the loss. The flowers' memory will be forever preserved on the internet.

Jerry Carter spoke on Monday 24th 2004f May 2004 at 08:24 PM, saying:

A beut'. I saw a spectacular secondary effect with this method... get something elaborate and interesting in the backround of several large droplets (shoot across them rather than at them). The background should appear upside down and in focus in each droplet. :-)

aijaz spoke on Monday 14th 2005f November 2005 at 05:02 AM, saying:

hi iam lim

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