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Thumbnail - Yellow Car, No Backs
Thumbnail - Flower Friday #13
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Lower Pier
Lower Pier May 28, 2004
Remember this shot of Whitby pier? This is the lower level of the same walk-way. Not sure if I was allowed down here but there was nothing to stop me coming down the steps at the end. Glad I did! Great patterns. Again, deserving of the b&w treatment.

This is also my entry for Photo Friday's "Black and White" challenge. It's odd. I actually posted this late last night, in case I didn't get a chance to do it today. Then I woke up and checked PhotoFriday.com to see I'd picked the photo I would have picked had I already known. Spooky.

Comments (2):

weirdweetabix spoke on Friday 28th 2004f May 2004 at 01:26 PM, saying:

looks great

Sandra Rocha spoke on Saturday 29th 2004f May 2004 at 03:05 AM, saying:

great composition :-)

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