Many thanks to the following people who have helped build the site into what it is today (a bunch of useless chocolate wrappers, let's not kid ourselves ;->). Here they all are anyway. Sorry if I've left any of you off ;-(

Name URL Comment
Mistywood mistywood@aol.com Has some well estabilished American connections
Jeni jeni@meniscus.com.au A chockie love from down-under...
Johnny Angel www.angel.org Lives in California but from Wales (hmmm!)
Ian Hodgetts www.ndirect.co.uk/~gaga From good old Manchestorrr
Jon Primrose www.lightheart.demon.co.uk From the West Country (d'oh)
Barry Whenman www.whenman.demon.co.uk None
Roxanne Good None Wants no recognition, just likes being nice to people, arrgghhh...
Trevor Smith www.cherrylane.free... Nice collection of pussies ;->>
Flash Garry http://www.gazraa.co.uk/ 1970s throwback...
Dan Heaver www.dantheman.co.uk "The Man!"
Peter Bennet cyberskive@hotmail.com Fellow x-student who travelled Europe
Julie "Greeneyes" http://green_eyes_girl..... Forces chocolate down just for me ! Yeah, right ;-)
Waldir Quandt wildquadrant@hotmail.com A Brazil Nut !
Phyliss Massey PhylissMassey@aol.com She's been at it for ages !
Fr??ic Pallu fred.pallu@wanadoo.fr Homme au chocolat

The following aren't strictly contributors but they have a similar interest and also have links from their page to mine, so I can't really leave them out now can I ???!!!!

Name URL Comment
Brad Kent Quasi Comprehensive ... Huge great collection of US candy, award winning too !!
Zumbo homer.span.ch/~..... Wrapper collector from Switzerland, where they are all crazy !!
C.L.A.W http://www.karoo.net/.... Chocolate Lovers Against The World. Good of them too!!
Choc Lovers Haven website.lineone.net/... The place to be if like may others you just crave the brown stuff.
Wrapper Reference http://www.medschool... A fairly new yet growing all round reference to UK wrappers + Blatent copy of mine ;-(
Jurgen Carius http://homepages.fh-r... German equivalent. Some nice pics of him as well ;-)
CyberCandy www.cybercandy.co.uk Buy US chocolate in the UK .. how cool is that !?
Aaron Maree http://ourworld-to... This guy has LOADS !!

If you have a page that you want me to link to or you want to make a contribution then mail me here

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