The fact that people even visit the page is reward enough for me but when they take the trouble to write a line or two that is a real bonus. Here are a select few of the e-mails I've received since the page went up. Some are normal, some are bizzare, some are indecipherable most are plain crazy ....... suppose that is what to expect when you share an e-mail address with the rest of the world.

Description Name Date
Thinks I'm a genius (??) Twyla 09/02/98
Thinks I'm Cute (Cool) Jeni Rowland 09/02/98
Thinks it is like soft porn (??) Tony 10/02/98
I actually know her (scary!) Sheila 12/02/98
Smartie Maniac Martin Francis 10/05/98
Cryptic Clues Ruben Mesa 25/08/98
My favourite bar too !! Rob 12/09/98
A High Shool Student ;-) Cupid15000 18/10/98
Wants to trade Zumbo 07/01/99
Had four more B4 this one !! Martin Mihal 22/01/99
Norm from the Twiz adverts ... Colin Hince 15/03/99
History of wrappers. Enrique 22/04/99
She's right, I didn't really ! ChocGirl55 11/05/99
This one is a CLASSIC .... Joseph 15/05/99
Chile Chewies Dr Back 01/09/99
Wrong country and era !! Pastor Hoover 03/09/99
At last, somebody understands ;-) Meliax Johnson 23/09/99
A wind up right !!? Muriel Groleau 26/08/99
Fame beckons, at last !!! Wised Up 14/10/99
Students ! Alexis Chandler 14/10/99
Some people ... Dave 27/10/99
Find you a what ? Perky 01/11/99
Huhhh !!?!?!? Snappy Tyrtle 02/11/99
Am I who ?? Sasa Kat 06/11/99
Prefers British choc !! Jennifer Downey 23/11/99
Just couldn't resist Satya 25/11/99
You thought I was bad ! Phil Crowe 26/11/99
For his "bird" ha ha .. Ted Blumberg 02/12/99
Business Oppurtunites in Korea !? Ki Jung, Oh 07/12/99
Collects wrappers too, the nutter.. Phylis Massey 03/01/2000
Where are them ViceVersas? Mark M Brown 06/01/2000
More flattery, I just love it ! Julie 09/01/2000
Challenging my manhood !!! Charlotte 27/01/2000
This guy is obviously Nuts !! Phil Tuckshop? 01/02/2000
Reply from bloke above Phil J Brown ! 04/02/2000
Yet another dispute needs settling.. David Granville 13/02/2000
Somebody else got the bug !! Jurgen Carius 16/02/2000
Good point, well presented... Ocean View 18/02/2000
Only Smarties have the answer Rory McIntyre 14/03/2000
Sent "via" a friend of mine... Anonymous 12/04/2000
Not sure what she's on (about) ! Angie 31/03/2000
Really ?! Liz 11/04/2000
Since discovered she's 13 ! Errrghhh Aly Cliff 19/04/2000
Loves to reminisce Jill Kingston 22/04/2000
Insecure American Curt Wells 21/04/2000
Another one from that nutty Phil guy ! Phil J Brown 03/05/2000


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