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We are carrying on business as a manufacturer and distributor of chocolate and other confectionery products in Korea. We have been observing Korean chocolate market from a different point of view. We are sure we find the opportunity of a lifetime. We are looking for the partner who want to share the business chance with us. The partner manufacture specially chosen and designed chocolate items for us in his factory. And we are able to import and distribute considerably large volume amount all around Korea.

As you already knew, Korea is undertaking a hard time called I.M.F. Crisis. We are sure that the Korea economy hit the bottom mid this year. According to the data of last two decades, there is a cyclical upturn in every 5 ~ 6 years. Recently, we had experienced a sharp rise in 1988 Seoul Olympiad in domestic chocolate market. After that, there is a slight booming in that field in 1994. We assume that we could encounter a lifetime chance in Korean chocolate market for a duration of more than 2 years from early 2000 to 2002. There are two major issues for that phenomena. One is 5 major confectionery companies?sales drive for chocolate products. 5 major confectionery companies are traditional 4 major confectionery companies and one new comer. 4 majors also forecast the upturn of chocolate market will be coming on us in the near future. In the meantime, Hershey has found new Korean business partner of Maeil Dairy Product Company, after divorced from Haitai Confectionery Company, which is one of 4 majors in Korea. We are looking forward to fierce battle in that field through media advertisement, promotion and all other available tools. In the process of that intensive marketing, it is expected that the market will be expanded rapidly. The other factor is 2002 World Cup Soccer Game which will be held all over Korea and Japan. As in the 1988 Seoul Olympiad, that event ignite the need of consumer for chocolate products.

- Briefs of our company ?
We are mainly carrying on manufacturing and distributing specialty products in Korea. We are marketing the Disney character in chocolate and confectionery field as licensee under Disney U.S.A. From late this year, we are going to handle mass-merchandising products through our own distribution channels. Most of that products should be imported from abroad. - Our plan for this project - . We think overseas manufacturer know much about our potential competitors will be launched in the near future and Korean consumers are accustomed to foreign products.Korean That is why we are looking for overseas partner. Our own manufacturing & sales strategies are as belows. Our production plan is to manufacture 10 or more chocolate items from chocolate manufacturer. The concept of products will be targeted to the popular mass-market items such as candy bar, pan-coated tablet items, Hershey's Nugget, Kisses and Solid milk bar. Target consumers will be upper-middle class. There will be various options to import items from ou potential partner. We have a plan to maintain business relationship at least for 5 years. After that, we think, if he wants, he can launch his own items in Korea forhimself. At the beginning of this business, conservatively,we assume sales volume will be over U$ 200,000 per month.And it will be increased rapidly. we are going to import 1 ~ 2 containers (40feet) of test volume . The terms and conditions of contract will be fixed for our mutual benefit.I hope you can find the way to help me in various fields. We can proceed our project more swiftly

Sincerely Yours
Ki Jung, Oh

P.S. My e-mail address is kiyoontnc@xxxxxxxx
I am afraid that purpose of your site is non-business base. But if you can give me any help,that will be much appreciated.

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