Probably the question I get asked the most, no in fact, the only question I get asked is "Why?".

To cut a long story short, when at University, my friends and I used to do things that made us very hungry. This certain activity also tended to make quick decision making a problem. With these two facors taken into account the following situation soon became very tedious: Housemate says "I'm going to the shop. Would anybody like anything?", to which the reply would normally be "Yeah, I want a ermmmmm Thingy, no a ermmm WhatChaMaCallit, no wait a ......".

This went on for some time B4 Sally and I had the cunning idea of constructing a mosaic style wrapper collection on the living room wall in order to help with such tricky decisions. What started out as a bit of a joke soon turned into a bit of an obsession, not only for those who lived in the house but also for visiting friends. So please note that it was not just me involved. In the end there were many people who would visit the house and try and prove me wrong (I used to bragg "I've got them all") by having found a new one.

But, I hear you say, why on earth put them all on the internet. Well, errmmm, when I was training as computer programmer a few years ago I needed to learn web development and needed someway of using up my free web space. Having racked my brains for a theme for what was Jake's Page I settled on putting all the wrappers there as I was the only one willing to look after them when we left UNI. Never in a month of sundays would I have thought that anyone else would visit, never mind the thousands that have. You're ALL crazy !!!!

Anyway, there all on-line now so anyone in the same predicament can browse in the comfort of their own home.

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