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Hi there

What a brilliant website you have. I am originally from the UK and am living in Adelaide, South Australia, where there may be some good things but confectionery is not high on the list.

To be honest, the chocolate just doesn't taste the same - more like cooking chocolate than eating choc. Even the equivalents don't taste the same - maltesers, snickers etc There are a few Oz bars that spring to mind that I didn't see on your page and would be happy to send you samples if you wish.

They have such things as: Violet Crumble - a third rate Crunchie Lifesavers - fourth rate Polos Cherry Ripe - coconut, cherry and dark choc - quite nice

My all time favourite is the Star Bar which I have sent out to me with every visitor and on every birthday or special occasion.

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to reminisce and if you would like a few samples, drop me a line with an address regards Jill Kingston

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