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a waste of web space


Well Jake I have finally returned to my place of birth the place I first got my start as a proffesional golfer and I owe it all to you Jake, yes you. As many of you know after my time in the military as a biological weapon I moved on to being a small time astronaught getting the occasional chance to go into space but never neptune. This was never really the career for me so I found myself lost both physically and mentally. Fortunatly one day I stumbled across this little oasis in the in the desert of putrid junk that is the internet. Jake recomended I should eat only the orange Smarties in order to find inner peace and that is what I have been doing since my last visit. The inner peace has made so many more parts of my mind available to me and now the game of golf is how I express my gratitude to him. Jake from all of us who have occasionally strayed from the flock thankyou for being our shephard.

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